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How To Take Advantage Of E Commerce Holiday Season Sales

How To Take Advantage Of E Commerce Holiday Season Sales

How To Take Advantage Of E Commerce Holiday Season Sales

Holiday season is right around the corner guys! Who’s already shopping for gifts? Don’t be too occupied by shopping and neglecting your own business now. Shopify reported that in 2016, Cyber Monday became the biggest U.S. online shopping day ever. A total of $2.67 billion U.S. dollars was spent. Also, almost a quarter of U.S. shoppers did half of their holiday shopping online in 2016.

If you as a business owner would like to maximize this potential, don’t waste anymore time and start preparing now! You might just hit you 2017 revenue goals.

A mere decade ago, shoppers waited until Thanksgiving to start their holiday shopping. But, in 2016 40% of seasonal buyers started buying before Halloween. This just means in creasing your brand’s awareness in October and early November is crucial if you are looking to maximize this potential.

Here is an aggressive timeline that will help you reach your revenue goals:

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce’s popularity only continues to rise every year. So it is important that your website is optimized for it.Everything from video to display to carousel, you ads should be smartphone and tablet friendly. Last year more than 20% of online shoppers purchased off their mobile devices. However, this year, it is expected to exceed last years 10%. Most of us are always browsing on our smartphones or tables. Whether we are on our way to work, on lunch or even lying in bed after a long day, we are always on our smart devices. Many shoppers often discover products on their mobile device even if they are not making the final purchase on their phones.

Sequence Your Creative

This step requires showing your customers the right messages from as soon as they land onto your e commerce page up to the check out process. This ensures customers understand the message that aligns with their place in the purchase cycle, from learning about the brand to abandoning the shopping car. Make sure to showcase your most popular offerings and also highlight key features. In addition, constantly test which creative of yours is converting the most customers.

Research Your Audience

Know who your customers are and what they want from you. Use resources such as Facebook’s Audience Insights to help you study demographics, interests and locations of your customers. Think of the customers who have purchased with you from the past, people who signed up for your loyalty program, your single category buyers and much more. These people are the ones that you should be targeting this holiday season.

Develop A Calendar

With all that’s going on, you need to stay organized. You can do that by jotting down on your calendar the dates and times you are planning on updating your website, send out your email marketing and the beginning and ending of your promotions. Your calendar should also include all ad channels you’re planning on using too. Remember to try to be as competitive as possible when it comes to your online advertising to keep up with your competition.Prime audiences on Facebook and top search terms on Google will be extra competitive.

Create Urgency

This is a great way to “pressure” customers in to making a purchase. Pre-sale and promotional ads are great teasers, you cold also imply scarcity by including countdowns or limited quantity mentions. By telling your customers that they have a limited time to purchase something, it gives them the push to quickly buy the item without thinking twice. I mean, no one wants to miss out on a good deal and no one wants to live the regret of not buying something before its too late and sold out.

Design Your Budget

Expect your business to be booming this coming holiday season and prepare your fourth quarter budget. Your budget should include on going campaigns, heavy scheduling of customer representatives, free shipping deals and big impact days.


Plan out how you’ll be measuring your conversions and sales. But of course, your metrics will depend entirely on your goals.Use an A/B test to help you when assessing the impact of your creative. Explore and use available tools to your advantage, such as Facebook ads, Pinterest ads and good old Google AdWords.

The more you know the more prepared you will be when it comes to carrying out a flawless marketing campaign this driving record breaking sales this holiday season.